3 Great Uses for Lemons

When life hands you lemons, like a lot of them, don’t throw them away.

Read below to find out how you can utilize every part of a lemon, from the zest to the peel and the lovely juice inside!

When my parents visit, my mom sometimes brings me a huge bag of lemons from their tree.

Well, there are only so many lemon cakes, pies, and tarts I can make.

Since I don’t like to waste anything, I found different ways to use up every bit of those lemons:

1. Save the Zest in a Jar with vodka and store in the freezer.

Then you can use the lemon flavor vodka in drinks and the lemon zest in:

Joby's Test Kitchen homemade lemon curd in jar.

2. Freeze the Juice in an Ice-Cube Tray.

This is helpful when you only need a few tablespoons of juice. I like to use lemon juice in:

Slice of lemon blackberry cake with blackberry cream cheese frosting.

3. Finally, don’t toss out that peel!

Chop it up into chunks and freeze.

Add a few pieces to the garbage disposal along with baking soda and grind away for instant freshness!

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