Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Not sure what to make for Mother’s Day this year?

Maybe you’re hosting a brunch for your gal pals. Or maybe you’re a mother yourself and want simple recipes your children (or husband) can make for you.

Check below for some easy recipes that can be served for breakfast, brunch, or an afternoon tea for Mother’s Day.

Collage of recipes like biscuits, parfait, scrambled eggs, and chai.

Okay, let’s be honest. Mother’s Day is not always the happy holiday everyone makes it out to be.

Little kids are too young to make or do anything on their own. Husbands drop the ball and forget to plan something special. And moms are often left feeling disappointed, sad, and probably cleaning up all the mess in the kitchen.

When we are the ones who usually plan and organize most family activities, the rest of the family becomes ill-equipped to, uh…meet our standards.

Therefore, I’ve lowered my expectations considerably in regard to Mother’s Day, my birthday, Christmas, and…well basically every holiday.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to enjoy a special meal on these special days.

The Mother’s Day recipes I collected below are some of my favorite foods.

They satisfy my cravings for all things cheesy, bready, fruity, and chocolatey. And they are simple enough for my family to make.

beverage Recipes

Joby's Test Kitchen cup of ginger and mint tea or ginger chai with mint.

Whether you choose something hot or cold to make, these drinks are tasty and will add much flavor to your Mother’s Day tea or brunch.

Ginger Chai with Mint
A refreshing chai made with spicy ginger and cooling mint. The flavors balance each other out beautifully.
Check out this recipe
Joby's Test Kitchen cup of ginger and mint tea or ginger chai with mint.
Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix
Enjoy a cup of this hot cocoa on a cold winter night, or serve it cold on a hot summer day.
Check out this recipe
Joby's Test Kitchen mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, on plaid cloth.
Mango Lassi with Frozen Mango
Creamy and sweet mango lassi, is the perfect Summer treat!
Check out this recipe
Mango lassi with frozen mango, topped with saffron in glass.

bread recipes

Golden cornmeal biscuits on plate next to yellow daisies.

These bread recipes make great sides to any breakfast or brunch. They can be made in advance and frozen. Simply thaw in the fridge the night before.

Homemade Wheat Bagels
Though these bagels may take some time to make, they are so worth it!
Check out this recipe
Golden wheat bagels on wooden board.
Cheddar Cornmeal Biscuits
These easy biscuits are savory and slightly sweet with a soft muffin-like texture.
Check out this recipe
Plate of cheddar cornmeal biscuits.
Simple Cornmeal Muffins
These corn muffins are truly simple to make and a kid-friendly favorite!
Check out this recipe
Closeup of homemade corn muffin.
Whole Wheat English Muffins
Fluffy whole grain muffins that are perfect for toasting and spreading with butter or classic peanut butter and jelly.
Check out this recipe
Closeup of golden wheat English muffins.

oat recipes

Parfait made with peanut butter granola, yogurt, and strawberry jam.

I love eating oats for breakfast especially when they’re used in unconventional ways. Oat flour makes a great replacement for regular flour in a variety of breakfast favorites.

Fluffy Oat Pancakes
These wholesome pancakes are made with ground oats and are surprisingly light and fluffy!
Check out this recipe
Joby's Test Kitchen plate with stack of golden oat flour pancakes topped with blueberry compote.
Golden Oat Flour Waffles
These waffles made with oat flour are crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.
Check out this recipe
Joby's Test Kitchen stack of 3 golden oat flour waffles.
Whole Grain Dutch Baby
A pancake made with oats and whole wheat flour, then baked in the oven to produce fluffy edges and a dense and eggy center.
Check out this recipe
Joby's Test Kitchen blueberry dutch baby with powdered sugar in cast iron skillet.
Peanut Butter and Strawberry Parfaits
Delicious as they are beautiful, these PB&J parfaits make the perfect breakfast treat!
Check out this recipe
Joby's Test Kitchen Peanut Butter and Strawberry Parfait
Breakfast Cobbler with Oats and Berries
Mildly sweet and wholesome baked cobbler made with mixed berries and an oat topping.
Check out this recipe
Breakfast cobbler with oats and mixed berry compote.

Egg Recipes

Mushroom and spinach frittata for two in mini cast iron skillet.

Eggs are one of my all time favorite foods! They’re savory and fluffy and can be made into so many delicious dishes.

Curried Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs with spicy bits of chili and salty sweet onions.
Check out this recipe
Joby's Test Kitchen plate of Indian scrambled eggs with onions, mustard seeds, and curry leaves.
Mushroom Spinach Frittata for Two
A delicious cheesy vegetable frittata, perfect for two!
Check out this recipe
Pan with mushroom and spinach frittata for two.
Egg Ham and Cheese Bagel Sandwich
Toasted bagel filled with fluffy eggs, savory mushrooms, and salty ham all held together with gooey cheese.
Check out this recipe

dessert recipes

Joby's Test Kitchen plate of mini strawberry cheesecakes.

You can’t celebrate Mother’s Day without a few delectable sweets. From berries to chocolate, there’s something to please everyone.

Mini Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tarts
These mini chocolate tarts are not only fun to eat, but also make a great heart healthy dessert!
Check out this recipe
Plate with mini chocolate tarts and raspberries on top.
Lemon Blackberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
A fluffy lemon cake with fresh blackberries, tart lemon curd, and sweet blackberry cream cheese frosting.
Check out this recipe
Lemon blackberry cake with blackberry cream cheese frosting.
Individual Strawberry Shortcakes
Fluffy buttery biscuits topped with fresh strawberries and sweet cream!
Check out this recipe
Joby's Test Kitchen individual strawberry shortcake with fresh berries, whipped cream, and mint.
Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes
These mini cheesecakes have a golden graham cracker crust and a simple strawberry topping.
Check out this recipe
Mini strawberry cheesecake.
Simple Plum Cake
A mildly sweet, tender buttery cake, with swirls of tart plums.
Check out this recipe
Chocolate Chunk Blondies
Buttery, slightly salty, and sweet, these blondies are full of chocolate chunks and walnuts!
Check out this recipe
Joby's Test Kitchen tray with stacked Chocolate Chunk Blondies
Small Batch Chocolate Cupcakes with Fudge Frosting
This recipe makes the perfect amount of cupcakes for a small dessert or a special snack, and will definitely satisfy that chocolate craving!
Check out this recipe
Chocolate frosted cupcakes with sprinkles.

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