Leftover Bread? Make Your Own Breadcrumbs!

Have a lot of leftover bread from the holidays? Do your kids ask you to cut the crusts off their sandwiches?

Are those measly end pieces from a bread loaf not enough to make a sandwich?

Save them to make your own fresh breadcrumbs!

My freezer is full of little bags of bread crusts and end pieces. They thaw quickly and grind up easily in a food processor.

You can also crumble them with your hands for a more rustic look. This works particularly well with stuffing.

The bread absorbs all the liquid from the stuffing mixture and becomes chewy and fluffy.

Another tip when baking with breadcrumbs is to mix 1-3 teaspoons of oil into the crumbs before breading or topping dishes.

This helps them become more crunchy and develop a golden exterior similar to your favorite fried foods!

Here Some Ways To Use Fresh Breadcrumbs:

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