Save Those Butter Wrappers!

I’m all about reusing products as much as possible.

I always scrape up every last bit of batter from the bowl, or peanut butter from a jar.

I reuse paper towels and parchment paper several times until they start to disintegrate.

So it always felt odd to throw away butter wrappers when there was still bits of butter on them.

Not necessarily enough butter to spread on toast, but definitely enough to make me feel guilty when tossing them out.

Well, that residual butter is actually the perfect amount for greasing baking dishes, cake pans, or cookies sheets!

I prefer to keep them neatly folded and in a little baggie that I keep in the butter compartment of the refrigerator door.

I say “neatly” because they can easily scatter all over the place.

Then when a recipe calls for greasing a pan or dish, I grab one of those wrappers. 

Not only does it grease easily, it also keeps my fingers clean!

Opened butter wrapper with chunk of yellow butter on it.

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