Hi, I’m Joby. Welcome to my kitchen!

I’m a dietitian, wife, and mother who loves to experiment in the kitchen. I’m always substituting, adjusting, and modifying recipes until I get them just right.

I created this blog to collect these recipes for family, friends, and especially my children. Though they are my harshest critics, they’re also my biggest fans.

A Little Bit of East, a Little Bit of West

I was born in Southern India and raised in Southern California, so I grew up influenced by both cultures.

Our family is originally from Kerala, a state along the Indian Malabar Coast. The food there is delicious and unique compared to other Indian cuisines. It can also be labor intensive, sometimes requiring several hours to make a few dishes.

When I was a child, I was fascinated by watching my parents cook in the kitchen. Grinding coconut by hand, making their own masala blends, tempering spices before adding them to a curry.

It was from them I learned food is not just about what we eat, it’s about the love and care we put into a dish to share with family and friends.

In addition to Indian meals, my parents also made other cuisines like American, Filipino, Mexican, and Italian; of course sometimes with an Indian twist!


My love of cooking eventually turned into a career in nutrition.

I became a Registered Dietitian and worked in public and community health where I specialized in women and children’s nutrition, diabetes education, and general nutrition.

When my first child was born, I took time off to be a full-time parent but I never stopped being a dietitian.

With children of my own, I gained firsthand experience in the challenges of dealing with children’s unique nutrient needs and preferences, as well as the dynamics of feeding a family.

I also became an expert in meal planning, healthy food prep, and recipe development. I hope with this website, I can continue helping other families live healthier lives and enjoy delicious foods.


I now live in Northern California with my husband and two kids, ages 13 and 11.

We love to read books, play in the yard, visit our beautiful local beaches and parks, and of course eat!

We also love traveling, both locally and internationally.

My kids have been to a few different countries like Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, and Australia (where my husband is from).

I’m often inspired by our trips and gather ideas to try out at home.